The Curriculum

Our classrooms are equipped with a range of teaching materials suitable for every age group with reading corners and play areas.

The children will be focusing on six main areas of learning:

1. Language and Literacy


Children develop skills in speaking, reading and writing in the English language. Children in the Nursery 1 class will be introduced to phonetic sounds through a popular phonetic programme from Singapore – ‘Read with Phonics’.

Through this programme, children are exposed to letter names and sounds through rhymes, music and movement and other interesting activities.

Children from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 will be introduced to the Heinemann Reading Series from the UK, which is a step by step reading programme that prepares the children to learn to read and write confidently upon completion of the programme.

2. Numeracy and Mathematics

Learning Numbers

Children acquire mathematical concepts such as shapes, space, numbers, volume and problem-solving skill through the Montessori mathematic materials and worksheets/workbook carefully designed by the teachers.

3. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

CNY Performance

Children will develop knowledge and understanding of the multicultural aspects of our country and society; i.e. people, features, culture etc; and other parts of the world as well.

Children will also be learning science concepts through active exploration and teacher-guided activities.

4. Personal and Social Development

Pre Schoolers

Children learn how to get along well with their peers in the class, how to play, work, cooperate and respect each other and their teachers.

5. Physical Development


Children develop fine manipulative skills (ability to control finger movements) and gross motor skills (control of big physical movements and spatial awareness ) both indoors and outdoors.

6. Creative Development

Art & Craft

Children develop skills to express themselves creatively through art and craft activities, and music and movement sessions in the class.

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